John Wahler

Staff Department

My name is John Wahler and I am proud to be the principal of Sanborn Elementary School. This year, 2018-19, marks my 31st year in public education and my 25th year as an elementary school principal. I can honestly say that I am excited to come to school every single day because of the dynamic staff, incredible kids, and supportive parent community at Sanborn. I have heard this comment for many, many years and really take it to heart: "There is something special about this place that you feel the moment you walk in." I couldn't agree more!

Sanborn's number one focus is individual student growth. Our parents have high expectations for their children no matter where they land on the educational spectrum. Parents of our struggling learners expect growth exceeding expectations so their child can catch up. Parents of our gifted students also have an expectation that their child be challenged and experience maximum growth. We have designed our building, our programs, and our classrooms with this in mind. With "high expectations for all" as our uniting theme, we customize our classrooms through flexible achievement grouping to meet this goal.

Sanborn Elementary School has one of the highest open enrollment population of any of the St. Vrain Elementary Schools. Currently, 65% of our students choose to open-enroll in our school because they live outside our school boundaries but have been inspired by our approach to education. This puts a great deal of pressure on the staff to uphold this legacy of excellence. Today's parents are smart consumers--they shop around for the best opportunity for their children and then choose the school based on their research. As a principal, I am confident that Sanborn lives up to its reputation!

I pride myself with being personally available to parents and community. If you would like to meet with me to discuss our school, please call and make an appointment at 303-772-3838. There is nothing in the world that I like talking about more than this school!