Sanborn Elementary celebrates 30 years

The students and staff at Sanborn Elementary celebrated the school's 30th anniversary on December 4th with the return of over 40 previous staff members to join in the festivities. Events of the day included a  wonderful slideshow chronicling the school from an empty, open field with no building to the current school; opening of a time capsule with items/letters/posters from the past 30 years; and a helium balloon release to mark the day.

Additionally, all in attendance were given a sheet to document "paying it forward.  We asked that all (students, staff--current and past) do 30 minutes of community service OR 30 kind deeds in December and these will go on a builletin board.

"Sanborn Elementary has a tremendous amount of pride, history, and traditions," said John Wahler, Principal. "Sanborn is a unique place, we are the only school named after an individual, have unusually high open-enrollment (rate of 70%), and many of Sanborn staff come here and never leave until retirement - we've only had four principals in the school's 30 year history!"