Q:  Why is your open enrollment so high?  It looks like your open enrollment percentage (70%) is over half of your total population.

Answer:  Sanborn's attendance boundary is very small in relation to the other schools.  Because St. Vrain parents have the option of enrolling in schools outside their boundary, Sanborn has backfilled this enrollment gap with open-enrollment students.  The majority of our parents have chosen Sanborn after researching other schools and drive in from surrounding communities.  We have students from the following communities that currently drive here to attend Sanborn:  Dacono, Frederick, Lyons, Erie, and even Loveland.  The neighborhood surrounding Sanborn houses the other 30% of students and these neighbors have been extremely supportive of our school and partner with us to keep kids safe.


Q:  What is Flexible Achievement Grouping and why does Sanborn choose to do this?

Answer:  Our number one academic goal at Sanborn is to elicit maximum growth for ALL of our students.  Because we have students who function at all levels of the educational spectrum, we divide students by ability and then customize our instruction to match our groupings.  We re-visit these groupings at least once every 6 weeks and move students up or down according to their progress.  This has resulted in great growth for all of our students because they are always operating at the top of their groupings utilizing specialized instruction.  While students spend a good amount of time in their homeroom classes, they may switch teachers for reading, writing and math because of flexible achievement grouping.  This makes the transition to middle school much easier for our students.


Q:  Your school hours don't align with my work schedule, do you have childcare on campus?

Answer:  We have a dynamic and flourishing onsite childcare program at Sanborn named Dragons Den.  This popular program runs from 7 am to 6 pm every school day and even has special programming for late start days.  Many of our kids even take advantage of the summer program offered through Dragons Den because they have such a positive experience during the school.  Parents should contact Valorie Lopez, program manager, for information about this wonderful program.


Q:  Does your school have a preschool?

Answer:  Sanborn offers a high quality, onsite preschool program that is very popular with our parents.  This program fills up fast so you will want to contact the front office for enrollment information and pricing.  Our preschool program is integrated into our overall programming and this makes for a great transition to our K-5 programming.



Q:  Do students get to attend "specials" (art, music and physical education) at Sanborn?

Answer:  We have an excellent specials programs at Sanborn taught by dedicated, enthusiastic teachers.  Students in grades 1-5 and all-day kindergarten get to attend either art, music or physical education classes once every 3 days.  The specials program at Sanborn is a source of pride for our school community.