School Overview

Sanborn Elementary School thrives on student success.  The committed, dedicated staff specializes in individualized instruction—meeting students where they are and driving toward maximum growth.  The school culture at Sanborn is one of care, concern, and optimistic energy.  Students are held to high behavioral and academic expectations and are surrounded by a support system to rise to these high standards. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to give each student the opportunity to continually learn according to his or her ability and to create a safe and caring school that is attentive to the academic and emotional needs of the Sanborn community.

About Sanborn

Sanborn has a very “small school” atmosphere. With incredible parent involvement, caring staff, a beautiful campus, Sanborn is the place where “everybody knows your name.”

For security reasons all of our entrances are locked during school hours. We utilize a new and innovative security system at our front door. Parents will need to ring the doorbell, identify themselves through the camera system and will then be granted access to the school when the office personnel unlock the front door remotely. All visitors are required to sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge while in the school.

Approximately 69% of our students are open enrolled. This means that over half of our students choose to attend Sanborn even though they do not reside in our neighborhood.

Staff Commitment

We at Sanborn are committed to: 

  • Teaching to the standards and proficiencies and providing evidence of student growth in a standards-based school
  • Using data to drive instruction and monitor progress
  • Collaborating to meet the individual needs of students
  • Communicating with and engaging parents in their child’s education
  • Modeling and providing experiences for students to develop positive social skills
  • Continuing the professional growth of staff directed toward increased student achievement
  • Organizing the school in a way that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out our vision

School Leadership

Sanborn Elementary School