Sanborn’s preschool program will give your child the opportunity to learn and develop through a variety of engaging experiences. The classroom is set up so that our young students acquire new skills through their play and exploration as well as during teacher-led instruction in large group, small group, and individual activities. We support our preschoolers in preparing for kindergarten in a way that is appropriate for their age and specific needs. The preschool program is a safe, nurturing environment that fosters a love and excitement for learning.

The Sanborn preschool program serves 3 and 4-year-old children. Our program emphasizes kindergarten readiness by providing high quality early childhood experiences in safe, supporting and stimulating environments. Classrooms meet quality standards, state licensing requirements, and have low adult-to-child ratios. Students enrolling for preschool must be 3 or 4 years of age on or before October 1.

Quotes from Sanborn’s Preschool Families:

“We chose the Sanborn Preschool Program for both of our children’s early education. It perfectly blends socialization, learning, fun, and exploration in a nurturing, organized, stimulating, and creative environment. We are so impressed with the variety of subjects they cover. Thanks to the excellent program and staff at a top-notch elementary school, the children are ready for the challenges that await in kindergarten.” – Virginia and Chris Nowell

“My son loves school thanks to the compassionate and skilled leadership at Sanborn Preschool.” – Chantall McCahill

“My daughter started preschool at three and a half years old because we wanted her to have more children her age to play with and expand her social skills. I saw a noticeable change in her behavior and social skills almost immediately. Now, at four and a half, she is much more outgoing and has developed so many skills to prepare her for kindergarten. I am so glad we found this program!” – Amy Moore

“Sanborn Preschool has one of the most caring and loving teachers! Thank you so much for showing my child that she was going to love preschool.” – Anna Rodriguez

The three enrollment options available are listed below:

Our Tuition-based preschool is M-TH. All preschool classrooms are half-day mornings or afternoons. Parents and guardians must complete the tuition based application. Annual rates can be found on the preschool website.

Special Education within St. Vrain Valley Schools identifies children ages birth to 21 who may be eligible to receive special education services. Federal and state law requires eligible children to receive free preschool once the student has turned 3 years of age. Our Preschool Program works collaboratively with the Child Find staff (District Special Education Department) in the assessment, identification and programming for children with disabilities. If a child qualifies for special education services, the Child Find team partners with parents and guardians to determine the appropriate placement and services based on each students individual needs.

The Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) is a state-funded, free program for eligible children identified with certain risk factors. St. Vrain offers four half-days of preschool to CPP eligible children. All CPP preschool students must be 4 years of age on or before October 1. Support services for parents and guardians are part of the program and families are involved as partners in their child’s education experience.

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